• 4month Old Email

Addict Ed,
Your scent sticks to see
I am self and I am ish
– Dangling

I am write
the constant
the consumption
the lack of corruption
A-Conect and B-tion

Don’t hesistate, We are not giants
Don’t immitate, we have no need to
Don’t est-i-mate, We are no longer
You or I – You nor I – You are I
In the back of your grey subcompact

and taste
the yellow beat of
“birds flying high”
the purple gleam of
“sun in the sky”
the transparent streaks of
“breeze drifting by”

I now sound forward and the moves of the steps i take
Towards the cable cars that jump
Over the putrid river
Leave imprints of W-ind and W-aves
On the D-usty, D-amp, D-ark dirt tracks.


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