• The Tide

Time is probably a somewhat cousin to The Tide.
Not conforming to a traditional cause/effect relationship –
But to a modern one in fact.
They know each other well.
Somewhat as if they’ve been part of the same book club for centuries.
One big book like group,
with one big variety of book-likenesses.

It’s clear that they would have common interests.
You see, they both flow,
up – down
fill and empty
but they manage to remain as separate beings.
In a healthy relationship of sorts.

Though, Time is a sneaky bastard.
Or at least he certainly can be.
Occasionally he back stabs you when you least expect it
(By occasionally I most likely mean always,
but not always does it really matter)
and mischievously so.

Time can make one feel foreign,
but not in the way a foreigner feels foreign.
No, Time does this by reminding you of The Past
(an old lover we all share and swap around like swingers)
and the memory of The Past is in such detail
that you relive it for a brief moment.
And the cruellest part of the memory
is the bit – the feeling –
of the future unknown.

So Time does well to remind you
of the difference between the memory and The Past.
He does this with delicacy
making sure you feel that feeling of the unforeseen.
A feeling that can only be felt now.
The feeling that yesterday didn’t allow you to imagine where you could be today,
the feeling that was not so troublesome or noticeable at that time,
the feeling that today has made you wish you had in fact noticed yesterday.
A feeling The Tide, a rudimentary clone to Time,
can only make a metaphorical visualization of.


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