• Robotic God

The giant robotic god
whose 14 navy blue crane-like fingers
point upwards from deep bellow the earth.
upwards – up towards
the organic, white spotted, baby blue, celestial optical illusion.

how far do his fingers extend?
how far down is his body buried?

His presence –
an invisible influential force of manipulation.
His non-electrical core made of
circuitry from an ancient civilization –
left irreparably unrepairable.

is the deterioration of his patience the cause of The Rumbling?
the cause of this rumbling?

An eerie premonition looms,
just beneath the surface of The Blue,
in an intangible, crystal clear,

The sudden anticipation of an apocalypse:
An apocalypse isolated to O.N.E.
The Arrival of The Doors of Limit –
the unnamed terminal stop,
of the jet that gently brushed past one of the robotic god’s fingers.

Immediately, a jumbled pile of thought waves are emitted.
In the form of bird cries.
In the form of blasting wind.
In the form of speeding auto mobiles.

Will there be silence?


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